Culture on Campus

Engage with Russian Cultural Events through the Russian-Eurasian Student Organization, which is an active Registered Student Organization. It organizes different cultural events throughout the year. In the past, we have hosted scholars, journalists, poets and bards, who have presented lectures and concerts on a wide range of topics such as a history of the Soviet Internet, poetry during the siege of Leningrad, comparisons of the Putin and Trump regimes, Russian-Jewish literary relations, and Yiddish songs.


conversation club

 Students participating in "The Nose:" Russian Conversation Table.


 making bliny

Feb. 29, 2020 - Making Russian pancakes "bliny".

 lecture lunch

Lunch with Prof. Richard Tempest, Univ. of Illinois.


Feb. 21. Lecture with Prof. Chernetsky, Kansas Univ., who gave a lecture entitled “The School of War: Cinematic Explorations of the Donbas Conflict.” 





- Amy McCampbell

"As an International Studies student, I am fascinated by the complex world of foreign languages and different lifestyles! After falling in love with Russian culture and its beautiful language, I knew I wanted to share it with others. With the Russian-Eurasian Student Organization, I can meet more people who share some of my interests while experiencing different cultures!"



Vice President 

- Henry Forteith

"I think it is important to have the Russian-Eurasian Student Organization to educate students on the rich culture and history of a region that sadly seems to not be appreciated on campus. I highly encourage everyone to attend our lectures and events, even those not taking Russian classes, to expand their cultural perspectives of the world."



- Brandon Taylor

"I'm interested in the Russian-Eurasian Student Organization and the Russian language as a whole because I think it's a language that doesn't receive enough recognition despite it's beauty, history and all the rich culture surrounding it. I wanted to know more and learn all about it and this was the perfect opportunity to."



- Jay Turner

"My major of International business led me to want to learn more about the Russian language, culture, and history. Which is why I joined the Russian-Eurasian Student Organization. Russia and the Russian language is beautiful, rich in culture, but unfortunately, underappreciated on our campus. So, through our events, we shed light on the language, the culture, and the history in hopes of expanding the knowledge students have about Russia."