Italian Language Program

Why Study Italian?

Did you know that Italian is the 3rd most studied language worldwide? Or that Italy has the 4th highest GDP in the Eurozone and 8th internationally? Italy has long been associated with culture, such as literature, the arts, history, philosophy, and politics, even though its cultural notoriety is one of the important facets of Italy and all things Italian.

Students who study Italian at the University of Arkansas will explore Italy’s rich cultural heritage, its dynamic contemporary society, as well as its foundational role as an international economic powerhouse that is leading the world in fields of medical technology and pharmaceuticals, engineering and computer software technology, food and wine, fashion, and automobiles.


Who Should Study Italian?

Italian is relevant for students across the Arkansas colleges and curriculum.  Arts and humanities majors will find Italy to be abundantly interesting through course offerings and extra-curicular activities across field: Art History to Music, from Cinema to Literature, to name a few; Italy has something for you as it boasts the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world.

For the fields of international relations, social and political sciences, Italy was one of the founding members of the European Union although its importance in rhetoric and civic engagement dates back to ancient Rome. Business students will probe Italy’s economic wealth as a leading member of the Eurozone, and will examine what it truly means to be “MADE IN ITALY”. Architecture students will explore the ingenuity of ancient Roman cities and examine their influence on modern urbanization.

Ryan Calabretta-Sajder
Ryan Calabretta-Sajder
 - Assistant Professor of Italian - Section Head

Daniela D'Eugenio
Daniela D'Eugenio
- Assistant Professor of Italian

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“I encourage other students to look beyond where they are and try to embrace multiple cultures. It is  impossible to visit any city in Northwest Arkansas without meeting people who are from other countries or who speak multiple languages.”

Brooke Borgognoni, UofA Student Studying Italian


Interested in Studying Italian at the UofA?

For more information about the Italian Program, contact  Dr. Ryan Calabretta-Sajder.