Study Abroad

German students at the U of A have the opportunity to study, work, or research abroad for a summer, semester, or year.  The programs that we partner with are listed below, but we also often work with students who are interested in a particular city or field to make sure their credit transfers.  So, for example, one student studied piano in Freiburg, Germany and another art history in Vienna, Austria. 

Whether in one of the programs below or another, students should meet with the undergraduate advisor, Dr. Condray, before making plans to study abroad in order to discuss program aspects and transfer credit.

regensburg german students study abroad

Above: Students of German, Selina and Anthony, during their study abroad experience in Regensburg, Germany. Check out Anthony's blog or Selina's blog from The Study Abroad Office.


Direct Exchange Programs

Direct exchanges allow students to trade places with students at institutions abroad, thereby significantly reducing study abroad costs. Students take real university courses with native speakers and live in dormitories. The U of A offers three direct exchanges in German-speaking countries.