Study Abroad

To apply for any any study abroad program during your time at the University of Arkansas, contact the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange. They will help you with all the logistics of going abroad and will help you choose between faculty-led and external study abroad programs in Chinese-speaking countries. They also have a great resource for scholarships and funding options.

For more information on the content of any of these programs, you are welcome to contact the Chinese faculty. They are familiar with many of the programs you might be interested in. 

Programs Administered by the UofA

We recommend our own faculty-led programs for a number of reasons:

  1. You get to travel with at least one UofA faculty member while taking classes abroad. This is a great chance to get to know your professors and fellow students at the UofA. When you return to campus, you will have a very meaningful common experience to share with other students and instructors.
  2. These programs happen over the summer, so they're often great choices for students' first study abroad experience, and for students wanting to study abroad without disrupting the regular academic year.
  3. From the get-go, you travel with a group of folks "from home." There's a support network there for you from day one.
  4. Don't like so much paperwork? Take advantage of earning UofA credit with the need for transfer credit.

intensive mandarin in china faculty led program

Besides the great programs that are administered by the UofA, our Chinese faculty recommend these study abroad options for students. Participation in these particular programs focus on fluency in Chinese and are highly renowned.

beijing chinese language and culture university

harvard summer chinese program

princeton beigjing logo

Although there is sometimes no language requirement to participate in some of these programs, speaking Chinese will amplify and enrich your study abroad experience.

With some familiarity with the language, you'll be better able communicate with the locals and will have a deeper understanding of their culture.