Puebla Service Learning

Spanish Immersion & Service Learning in Puebla, Mexico

Sharpen your language skills and get real-world, professional experience. You get to choose one of five program options that integrate Spanish for the Professions, lectures on professional cultures in Mexico, and four weeks of service-learning professional placements, or a traditional classroom immersion experience. 

Immerse Yourself in Another Culture

  • Lodge with a Mexican host family in one of the safest and most beautiful cities in Mexico
  • Engage in overnight field trips to Mexico City, the Pyramids at Teotihuacan, Oaxaca, and Cuetzalan
  • Enjoy mid-week excursions led by Mexican University students

Improve Your Language Skills

  • Participate in 45 hours of Spanish for the Professions (service-learning options) or 90 hours of Spanish in the immersion option
  • Take courses in the ultra-modern campus of the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla

Make Your Summer Count

  • Receive 6 hours of Spanish credit at the 2000-, 3000-, or 4000- level
  • Get credit that can be applied towards a minor or major
  • Complete 72 hours in professional placement (for the service-learning options)

Pre-requisites: SPAN 2013 or higher for service-learning options, or SPAN 1013 or higher for classroom immersion option. 

Choose from six different study abroad programs that fit your academic interests or current degree program.

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Contacts for more information:

Steven Bell - sbell@uark.edu | 479-575-3810
Juan Bustamente - jjbustam@uark.edu | 479-575-3810

Experiences from Former Students

"If someone wants to learn Spanish to converse with the majority of the Latinos that live in the U.S., they need to pick this study abroad program."

"This is perhaps one of the most useful, fun and important study abroad experiences the U of A offers."

"Best experience of my life thus far. The strong sense of self-reliance you gain from successfully navigating at the Mexico City airport is one that will last for years to come. The number of international and domestic friends I've made in five weeks was more than I make in a typical year in the U.S. The ability to finally speak a SECOND language, makes me incredibly excited for future opportunities." 

"This trip is truly wonderful. It's not a vacation; it's an experience. I highly recommend it."

Puebla 2016 from Elizabeth Mims on Vimeo.

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