Departmental Honors

The Honors Program in Foreign Languages provides an opportunity for upper division undergraduate students to participate in projects of a scholarly nature. Honors candidates do independent study and research under the direction of the foreign language faculty. Outstanding achievement is recognized by the awarding of the B.A. degree in a specific language or languages with the distinction "Language Scholar Cum Laude." Higher degree distinctions are recommended only in truly exceptional cases and are based upon the whole of the candidate's program of honors studies. In addition to meeting the eligibility standards determined by the Fulbright College Honors Council, candidates must:

  • demonstrate an intelligent and responsive command of a minimal number of literary monuments,
  • demonstrate a satisfactory knowledge within the non-literary areas of the target culture,
  • demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency in the four skills of their language,
  • complete a minimum of six hours of honors work in the chosen language,
  • submit by the final semester of their senior year evidence of substantial independent study,
  • present themselves toward the end of the final semester of their senior year for an oral examination  administered by an Honors Council committee.