Our department offers an M.A. program in Modern Languages in French and an M.A. program in Modern Languages in German that include a new component focused on language pedagogy and teaching technologies, which complements the central focus of these programs that falls on the literature and culture of the French- and German-speaking worlds, respectively. Our M.A. program in Spanish, similarly, now offers student the option of two different tracks: one track maintains its traditional emphasis on the literature and culture of the Spanish-speaking world; the other track combines the study of literature and culture with more extensive work in language pedagogy and teaching technologies.

All three of our M.A. programs have a strong records of placing their graduates in quality Ph.D. programs across the country, and in teaching positions in community colleges and universities.

 ** Each of our graduate programs requires a Bachelor of Arts degree or the equivalent from an accredited institution with suitable preparation in the target language and literature. **



M.A & Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Culture Studies

Many faculty in the Department of World Languages are also active participants in our graduate programs in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies. The Ph.D. program now offers students a choice of five different concentrations: Comparative Literature, Hispanic Studies, Modern Languages, Cultural Studies, or Literary Translation. For more information on these programs, please visit Comparative Literature & Cultural Studies, or the Graduate Catalog.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Besides languages, literatures, and cultures, we would also like to promote other fields of study related to a language, such as history, anthropology, geography, political science, economics, and communication. All of these studies come together and make up our featured Interdisciplinary Studies.

Application Procedure

First and foremost, you need to apply through the Graduate School website in order to get enrolled in one of our Master of Arts language programs.

If you're interested in applying for a Teaching Assistantship, please use our application form here and the appropriate graduate advisor will contact you.