Jobs and Internships

Why should I get an internship?

 Build Your Resumé

build resume

Be the most attractive and well-rounded job applicant you can be. Employers put a premium on experience outside the classroom!

 Explore Career Options

explore careers

Get your feet wet in a job market that interests you before going all in. It might lead you to careers you hadn't considered!

Diversify Your College Experience

diversify experience

Take a break from the classroom. It's worthwhile and refreshing to network and get connected with professionals in your field.

Internships are a great way to for you to get a head start after graduation. Not only do you get real world experience in your area of interest, you also get an opportunity to network with professionals in your field. These are real benefits that can be a distinguishing factor in your future job interviews. An internship can expand your horizons and get you thinking about your career aspirations in ways you never thought of. 

Many of the our world languages students are double majors or declared minors in their language of choice. Look for internships that make sense for your degree program, but try to find one where you could put your language ability to use, even in a small way. It is a huge advantage to be able to list an internship where you had the opportunity to use your language skills in a professional context. Pursuing an internship is a wise decision for many reasons, regardless of your academic major.

Be sure to explore our individual language program pages for lists of other internship resources specific to the language. 

Where can I get help finding an internship?

The Career Development Center (CDC) is a great place to get help with all things career related. They have lots of resources and people to help find internships and get professionally prepared for success after graduation. If you want one-on-one, individualized help, the CDC can help you think through the process and find ways to connect.

Also, check out our Handshake feeds below for an up-to-date look at thousands of internships related to your career interests.